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is a multidisciplinary artist in the full swing.

Throughout her life she has managed to study several disciplines and work in all of them, creating a multifold artwork. She merges her expertise of Art history with her skills in choreography, vocal performances, set design, web design, photography and poetry. Cornucopia – this word describes her the utmost.

- Born 1983 in Paris
- Centre National de la Danse - Contemporary dance
- Conservatoire de Paris - Opera singing 
- Master degree  History & Ethnography, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- Master degree Curating & Museology, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- Master degree Cultural Management, , Université Paris-3 Sorbonne




Year after year, she has been trained in complementary disciplines that allow the body and the mind to create in communion. She first studied ballet and contemporary dance as well as opera singing and polyphonic music from a young age at the Conservatoire in Paris. She then started intensive workshops of yoga in France, Germany and India to understand better body functioning. She also developed her voice by learning folk songs in Georgia, Mexico, Moldavia, India and working with contemporary vocalist such as Meredith Monk and Ute Wassermann. Simultaneously, she also graduated in History of Art and Museology (University Paris-Sorbonne). Specialised in Medieval studies, she has been studying the topic of sacred rites, following especially the work of the French anthropologist Françoise Héritier (Collège de France). In parallel to working for museums as a expert of conservation, museologist and curator, in 2016 she developed her sensual artistic project L’Oeil Ecoute, where she aimed to evoke all the senses of the audience. In search of expending her interest in multidisciplinary artwork and taking woman as its center, in 2019 Celia Stroom initiated the female collective Heroines becoming curator and artistic director of its live exhibition shows.



As an historian, curator, artist, she dedicates her work on the study of ancient and contemporary rituals. She always starts a project with a long research phase, experiencing traditional rituals. She creates since years a huge private database with interviews, articles, personal notes, photos, videos. She embodies as well each ritual, by learning songs, recording soundscapes, and writing poetry about each experience.  She studies archaic polyphonies from isolated regions of Caucasus where she has been travelling since the last 2 years, funded by Creative Europe program. 

As an artist, Stroom’s practice spans over voice performance, concrete music, video, choreography, and installations. She either works for dance companies, films, as a music consultant or for choirs as a choreographer, a dance trainer and a dramaturgist. 

In fine, her work is about conceiving scenarios of cultural or artistic projects. She explore many different kind of process to offer an immersive experience to the audience, stimulating at the same time different senses. 

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Set design

Music direction



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A collective of women who organises the nomadic exhibition The Enclosed Garden about female intimacy.  

Designed by © celia stroom 2019

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