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Celia Stroom is an organiser who carefully and meticulously starts projects with a long research phase of reading, travelling, and exchanging. Through fieldwork in several countries, she created the last 15 years a private database made of interviews, personal notes, photos, videos, extracts of books, sound recordings, scores of ancient songs that reflect multilayers interests in women artists' conditions, forgotten polyphonies, craft and issues of communication between different cultures. This page has not been updated since 2017. The memory of the hard drive is exploding.

Soon, she will upload here field recordings, videos, photos.


As a musician, my ears constantly collect all the sounds of the environment. The most pleasant one is the silence, which becomes even more profound when the eyes perceive it. I am a collector of traces. I record sounds, take pictures and videos, write notes. My research notebooks are a continuous flow of observation and subtle perceptions.

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