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Art Expert


( she collaborated with Musée du Louvre, ABCD cultural agency, Musée Galliera, the private collection of Chanel, for private collections in Belgium and Switzerland)  

In 2016, as a museologist she has to write the new artistic projet of the Fondation Folon (Brussel-Monaco) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi). 


Artistic director for performances


Performer for contemporary event

Gestual composer for classical musicians

Scenography and set designer

Teaching dancing improvisation for opera singer

Contemporary dancer (she collaborated with Corinne Lanselle, Carolyn Carlson, Sellars, Meredith Monk, Luc Petton, Chantal Outeiro, François Chaignaud)

In 2016, she is dance coach for classical singers. She warms up the body of choir and soloist in two french professional ensembles : Compagnie La Tempête and Ensemble vocal Aedes. 

She is choreographer for La Tempete ( for 2 productions: Vêpres à la Vierge, Monteverdi and The Tempest, Shakespeare). 

She is dance soloist for François Chaignaud company and Kunstwollen collective). 



As an opera solist  and vocal performer in contemporary art

Passion: polyphonic music and improvisation

Voice : alto

Repertoire : baroque / contemporary

Actual coach: Regina Werner, Leipziger Musikhochschule 

Goal as artistic director: using the strong technic and power of opera singing in contemporary art performances

( She collaborated with Aurore Tillac, Simon-Pierre Bestion, Frieder Bernius, François-Xavier Roth, Giorgi Ushikishvili, Catherine Simonpietri, Ton Koopman, Matthier Romano and Geoffroy Jourdain.)

In 2016, she sings in french professional ensembles La Tempete, Aedes and Les Cris de Paris.




Movie making and editing (Final cut)

for a serie of documentaries about History of Art (Grand'Art- ARTE) She collaborated with Hector Obalk as historian of art and video maker.

She creates all videos for her collective Kunstwollen.


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Multidisciplinary artist, Celia Stroom is developing her artistic projects between Paris and Berlin where she currently resides. She grew up surrounded by paintings, classical music and dance. She is dancer, choreographer, classical singer, historian of art, and curator. She graduated in History of Art, Iconology and Museology from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and studied contemporary dance as well as opera singing and polyphonic music from a young age at the Conservatoire in Paris.

The creative process of her projects is always inspired by the old masters of Renaissance and the Bauhaus school. She focuses on intimate details, while taking care of the big picture in her work. She always creates a project with an holistical point of view.  

She is passionately devoted to :

- the choreography (how the body shapes the space on stage)

- the polyphonic music that she practiced since 15 years. She likes to create in her performance different vocal textures and colors of sounds. 

- the improvisation with voice and body

- immersive creations which stimulates all the senses


She works as performer, dance coach and vocal improviser exploring the human voice and how it can be transformed through a dance performance, especially in Kunstwollen, the label she created in 2015 in Berlin. 

She creates for this label the project L'OEIL ECOUTE, a contemporary installations-performances bringing together set design, history of art, physical theater, contemporary dance and vocals. Each piece  brings to life a famous painting, reinvigorated in a contemporary fashion, and is realized by a designer with composite materials: human body, sounds, wood, iron, vegetables, fabrics.

Following up an holistic approach OE wants to reinvigorate the cornerstone of the Bauhaus School: every performers consider and invest in each piece of art as a dynamic or embodied whole. Any split between Fine, Applied of Living Arts is banished. The creative process is entirely oriented towards the stimulation of every senses, those of the artists and the public. It combines art to craft and cognitive sciences as well. 

This project is supported by the patron Sandra Hégédüs Mulliez.



  • Bauhaus

  • Robert Wilson, Bill Viola, Peter Selars, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Pina Bausch, Alain Platel, Marina Abramovic.

  • The Old Masters of Renaissance: Flemish Primitives and Italian Primitives





 " Interdisciplinarity is the basis of a new form of immersive installations and performances she creates

with her confidential label "








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