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is a multidisciplinary artist in the full swing.

Throughout her life she has managed to study several disciplines and work in all of them, creating a multifold artwork. She merges her expertise of Art history with her skills in choreography, vocal performances, set design, web design, photography and poetry. Cornucopia – this word describes her the utmost.

- Born 1983 in Paris
- Centre National de la Danse - Contemporary dance
- Conservatoire de Paris  - Opera singing 
- MA History & Ethnography, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Curating & Museology, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Cultural Management, , Université Paris-3 Sorbonne

- BA Art History, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne. 

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Celia Stroom has been trained in complementary disciplines that allow the body and the mind to create in communion. She first studied ballet and contemporary dance as well as opera singing and polyphonic music from a young age at the Conservatoire in Paris. She then graduated in yoga in Germany and India to understand better body functioning. She has been working the 10 last years as a lyrical singer and contemporary art performer. She started the 2 last years deep ethnomusical explorations by learning folk songs in Georgia, Mexico, Moldavia, India and working with contemporary vocalists such as Meredith Monk and Ute Wassermann. 


Apart from her artistic practice, she studied History of Art, Ethnography, Museology, Cultural Management. Specialised in Medieval studies, she has been interested in the topic of rites, following especially the lessons of the French anthropologist Françoise Héritier (Collège de France) and the medievalist Claude Gauvard (Sorbonne University). Since 2008, she has been a consultant for museums (expert of conservation, museologist and curator). She is commissioned to research about collections, or expertise their health conditions.


In 2016 she established Studio Stroom that aims to create live shows and immersive websites where all the senses of the audience are stimulated. From installations, to webart, choreographies, sound experience, polyphonies, she proposes outlandish experiences in collaboration with other close collaborators such as singers, dancers, perfumer, filmmaker, craftsman. In search of expanding her interest in multidisciplinary artwork and taking women as its center, in 2019 Celia Stroom initiated the international network of female artists and researchers Heroines.



As an historian, curator, artist, she dedicates her work on the study of ancient and contemporary rituals. She always starts a project with a long research phase, experiencing traditional rituals. She has created since years a private database made of 48 interviews, 115 articles, personal notes, 1238 photos, 382 videos. Her research process is also made of recording soundscapes, learning ancient songs and writing novels about each experience. Since 2018, she has fallen in love with archaic polyphonies from isolated regions of Caucasus where she has been living since the last 3 years, collaborating and creating with the Georgian film director Salomé Jashi. 


As an artist, Stroom’s practice spans over voice performance, concrete music, video, choreography, and installations. She either works for dance companies, films, as a music consultant or for choirs as a choreographer, a dance trainer and a dramaturgist. 

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DIARY 2020


January: Thailand  — Meetings with UN Women, Ministry of Culture, Goethe Institute, Alliance France, Museums, Galleries, Foundations of art —>> Organisation of the Art Residency Program and Exhibition for women artists THE ENCLOSED GARDEN — PR here +

March: Writing of a first essay Enclosed Garden, a performative text of literature, commissioned by Fondation Thalie (Bruxelles), Curating Nathalie Guiot. (published in september 2020)

April-September: Music Composition / Supervision  — Film "Taming the garden", director Salome Jashi — Released in 2021 Berlinale Festival / Sundance.

May: Curating of the Archives of pioneers women photographers for + 

June: Call for women artists - Online exhibition of intimate thoughts 'The Enclosed Garden#2". 316 submissions from 58 countries

July: Curating of the Exhibition "Vanity by the sea", DAAD GALLERY BERLIN, with Salome Jashi and Diane Barbé about the movie "Taming the garden". 

October-December: Art direction for the renovation of a new museum of natural sciences in Liege (Belgium). 



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