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Stroom’s practice spans over ethnography, vocal practice, concrete music, dance, literature, video, installations, scenography, museology, digital art. 

She is an artist, a curator, a researcher, a writer, an art producer. 

She focuses on designing spaces: on stage, in museums, in people's flats, online awakening the bodies, the senses, through immersive websites, dreamlike poetry, emotional performances, sensual poetry, surrealist exhibitions, intimate choreographies. (Detailed bio +)

- Born in 1983 in Paris
- CND - Centre National de la Danse - Choreography
- Conservatoire de Paris  - Opera singing & Polyphonic studies
- MA History & Ethnography, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Museology, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Cultural Management, , Université Paris-3 Sorbonne

- BA Art History, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne. 

Her studio (videos of performances & installations)

Her choreographies:

Her feminist NGO

Her diary Instagram @celiastroom

Her Curator's Statement

Her museum work Instagram @museographical

PROJECTS | The last years have been dedicated to the birth of 3 GARDENS

> The Enclosed Garden > A nomadic festival by women more info+

> Jardin Clos > essay, poetry on Depression depicted in the history of literature

> Taming the Garden > A film by Salomé Jashi for which Celia created the music and followed the whole process of creation (my daily reportage about the film +)




Mining traces of her forgotten stories and those of humans she meets, Celia nurture a strong interest for the intimate, the hidden, the raw essence of who we are, exploring through readings, interviews, fieldworks, the human emotional functioning, the labyrinthic psychology of self that play a role in forming adult identities. Much like an archaeologist, she meticulously excavates every detail captured by her hyperesthesia, using intuitively a certain way of intensively connecting with others, transfigurating this perception later in poetry, performances, installations, music compositions, polyphonies, choreographies.

Through her fieldwork, collective exhibitions and performances and her relationship with the audience, she strives to create connections between humans that grew in different times, societies, cultures to highlight similarities, always trying to find somewhere a point of conciliation among human beings. She investigates the symbolism of ancient stories, spiritual rituals worldwide, and stories from people met on her way to illuminate how intimate feelings can be shared, and how a personal identity cannot be defined without others.

In all her written, sound, physical and visual art practices, she uses a sensual, bodily, erotic and raw vocabulary probably because of her intense training of her body since she was 4 and her synesthesia that always brings her body sensations on the foreground, while her analytic reflexion comes afterwards.

At the end, the main focus of any of her personal and collaborative shows, writings and research revolves around these questions: what intense immersive experience can we offer to people living in an impersonal, suffering, isolating era? What can new experiences for the body within a space (digital or physical) be invented? What new role do we offer to the audience? What is our responsibility as inventors of new events format and new art devices? What is the role of the audience who chooses to enter the space? And how can they contribute? And how what we create can stimulate the senses and, to some extent, the emotions to make people feel more alive.

> Surrealist essay > first video extract > Residence for writers - Montalembert Foundation, Rhodes, Greece, FAll 2021.

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