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Stroom’s practice spans over ethnography, vocal practice, concrete music, dance, literature, video, installations, scenography, museology, digital art. She is an artist, a curator, a researcher, a writer, an art producer.

She focuses on designing spaces: on stage, in museums, in people's flats, online awakening the bodies, the senses, through outlandish websites, emotional performances, sensual poetry, immersive exhibitions.

- Born 1983 in Paris
- Centre National de la Danse - Choreography
- Conservatoire de Paris  - Opera singing 
- MA History & Ethnography, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Curating & Museology, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne

- MA Cultural Management, , Université Paris-3 Sorbonne

- BA Art History, Université Paris-1 Sorbonne. 

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Her diary Instagram @celiastroom

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Her feminist NGO

<<  I develop my research on several levels of reflection related to space (architecture), body sensory perception, audience (experiencer), and ways of expressing intimate emotions. 

These field of interests come from my personal experience as a human perceiving the reactions of other humans, the design of spaces and the environment in general through hyperesthesia, where the stimulation of several senses is constantly activated to the extreme. 

It took several years to first experience and then tame these abilities in the diverse practices of dancing, singing, drawing, sculpting, sewing, building spaces, scripting projects, expertising artworks in museums, and listening intensively to music. The senses (especially the sight and the hearing synesthesia) are guiding every action and project. The brain memorises every details, that eventually overwhelm nights.


My research on space, sensory perception, body, emotions and audience have been developing for 15 years through the 4 main jobs*: the writing of specifications / script for new museums, the creation of performances, the curation of exhibitions for visual & sound artists, and the design of websites. All of them are united around the same questions: what intense immersive experience can we offer to people living in an aseptic, suffering, isolating era? I also asked myself: What is the relationship between the points of a quatuor: architecture / exhibitions / artists / publics. What kind of new experience for the body within a space can be invented? What new role do we offer to the audience? What is  our responsibility as inventors of new art events format? What is the responsibility of the audience who chooses to enter the space? What is the responsibility of artists that stimulate the senses, and to some extent, the emotions of the audience?  >>  *From my perspective, I really only do one job: I design spaces for humans, whether they are real, digital, they all challenge our modes of perception and awaken the deep, the intense.




> Surrealist essay > first video extract > September 2021 > Residence of writers - Montalembert Foundation, Rhodes, Greece.

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